Commodore C64 “Aldi”

Although the C64C cases looked much more like professional keyboards, not everyone was pleased with this change by Commodore.  Especially in Germany, where Commodore had a strong foothold (they were even the sponsors of Bayern Munich, one of the best European soccer teams) response was low.  Commodore decided to repackage the C64C into the good old “breadbox” and dubbed it the C64G (G for Germany).


Shortly after this move, another C64 variation in the familiar “breadbox” design found its way on to the market: the C64 “Aldi” (named after the cheap five-and-dime stores they were sold in).  The name is by no means the official name, but the name given to it by the German 64’er magazine.  This name reflected the magazines feelings about it’s design, which does not include the necessary 9V on the user port.  Apart from the inside of the machine, you can tell it apart from the traditional C64 because it has the ivory-white keys of the C64c housed into the brown “breadbox”.