Commodore Amiga CDTV

The Commodore Amiga CDTV (Commodore Dynamic Total Vision) is in a way a high-end console, that never really got the attention it deserved.
It was essentially a high powered computer (the Amiga 500) in a “living room friendly design”.  The CDTV could easily be turned into the full Amiga computer it actually was as all the standard Amiga computer ports were already there.  You just had to purchase items like a monitor, mouse, floppy drive and keyboard and you would have full-blown Amiga.

As the Amiga was really the graphical powerhouse of the early and mid-90s,the CDTV featured video capabilities matched only by high powered modern computers.  Full-motion video games were available already back then, and its these features that make the Amiga CDTV still a very nice object to have sitting next to your TV set.

My Amiga CDTV has two IR CDTV remote controllers, a CD-1221 keyboard, a 1411 floppy drive and the CD-1253 mouse

The CDTV plays standard music CDs, CDTV game CDs, and CD+G (lyrics displayed) CDs.