Loading files from that old 1541 drive can be slow, so why not transfer your disks into D64 images and load them from your PC?  Not only would it make loading faster, it would give you a backup facility for all those disks that have been lying around for the past 20 years and could “demagnetize” accidentally.

Sounds too good to be true?  No, as there’s a neat little device called the C64TPC which connects your PC to your Commodore’s serial port and even allows for “daisy-chaining” with a regular drive.
Basically, the device will act as a virtual 1541 drive (up to 4!) running from your PC that you can mount with a D64-image and then access as drive 9-12 from your Commodore using standard entries like LOAD”*”,9,1

Pretty cool and not expensive!  Grab one here.
Note though that it is not an emulator of the 1541 so some games which are programmed to use the 1541 disk drive’s microprocessor would not run from these virtual drives.