Retro Replay / RR-Net

One of the great challenges for the Commodore enthusiast is to bring his trusty 8-bit machine online onto the internet.  Something the designers of the beige beast could never have imagined back in the early 80s is something which has become possible on that great machine, thanks to a little device, tucked away in a cartridge.

The little miracle device is the Retro Replay cartridge which, on it’s own brings a fast loader (which really gives your old 1541 drive more horsepower) and some nifty disk management utilities.  The cartridge really shines though when you add the RR-Net expansion board to it, as this brings an ethernet port to your Commodore!
Armed with Contiki (providing webserver and webbrowser) functioanlity to the computer, the internet opens up and welcomes the 80s classic online.