Commodore 1541 Disk Drive

Although a bit slower than other 51/4 drives of its generation, they were the most reliable drives around.  Most variations of the 1541 came with two different drive door types, reflecting the manufacturer of their drive mechanisms.  The first type was a push-door as mine is.  Pushing a front drive door lever inward would cause the lever to rise, and automatically spring the disk out of the drive.  The other type was the turn-lever door, which would be turned horizontally to remove disks, and vertically after a disk is inserted for use.  The turn-lever doors became standard once the later 1541-II model was introduced.
Along with the Commodore produced drives, their was a wide range of Commodore-compatible drives on the market.

Like all Commodore disk drives, these drives were “smart” devices. They had their own processor, their own memory, and their own disk operating system.  Basically, a Commodore computer and its disk drive resemble a network!