Commodore 1570 Disk Drive

When Commodore released the C128 they took great care in getting the serial I/O correct this time.  As a result, finally speeds went up.
The 1570 disk drives are exceptional as they are capable of reading both MFM (PC-style) and GCR (Commodore style) formatted disks.  This made them ideal not only for the numerous disk formats found in the CP/M operating systems (of which the C128 was capable of), but ideal for Commodore folks who wanted to share data with PCs.

As the C128 was to be backwards compatibel with the C64, and the C128 effectively was 3 computers in one (native 128-mode, 64-mode and CP/M mode), so was the disk drive.  So, in addition to the high speed/high capacity “1570 mode”, and the variable format “MFM” capabilities mentioned above, the Commodore 1570 was capable of a Commodore 1541 emulation mode, allowing it to load and run all the old Commodore 64 software.