Commodore Final Cartridge III

The Final Cartridge III was a popular extension cartridge which was created for the Commodore 64 and Commodore 128, produced by Riska B.V. Home & Personal Computers. It offered a fast loader, increasing the speeds of the disk drive, and a freezer, allowing the program execution to be stopped to be resumed later.

The cartridge featured a “reset” button and a “freeze” button, as well as a LED that indicated whether or not the module was active.

One of the unique features of the cartridge was its GUI, even when its usefulness remained quite limited compared to other GUI environments for Commodore 64. 

A big selling point was the disk and tape turbo feature, which was available for most commands; this accelerated loading things from disk or tape considerably.  However, the biggest strength of this particular cartridge for the Commodore 64 lies in the built-in machine code monitor program, which is capable of the widest range of features, such as text and sprite dump, as well as text and sprite editing.

It also allowed the use of some rudimentary game cheating functionality (disabling sprite collision detection, for example), and printing a copy of the screen image to the printer.