Commodore VIC 20

In 1981, Commodore really shocked the home computer market,with the release of the inexpensive Commodore VIC 20.  It was the first computer to feature a joysticl port and hence was a computer for the game console buyer =)
Commodore emplyed the services of William Shatner (Captain Kirk from Star Trek) to promote the machine as both a business and family computer.  It is rumoured that William Shatner was so impressed with the VIC 20, that he had a Commodore machine (a PET 2001) on display in his living room in the movie “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”.


Sales were sky-high and at its height, the VIC 20 had a production run of over 9000 units a day!  The VIC 20 was a taste of things to come with the amazing Commodore 64.

The VIC featured 5 kilobytes of memory, and color graphics at a time when that was very uncommon, though it’s display is only capable of 22 characters per line.   The cartridge port could also be used to expand the VIC’s memory up to 32 kilobytes.