Clean keyboards are here!

Everyday, my line of work brings me into contact with computer keyboards.  These keyboards have been used and manipulated by several other people before me, and unlike my keyboards at my office, they are not always maintained properly.
Who can guarantee that the person who used a keyboard before me washed his or her hands properly after a visit to the toilet?
Now I do pride myself for having a better than average resistance to the average “bug” (and no, it’s not the computer variant I’m talking about), but having a nice and clean keyboard, also outside of my own office would be nice.

So, here comes the “Germ Genie”, developed by Falcon Innovations and tested at the University of Hertfordshire’s Biodet laboratory.  It will be introduced later on this week at several workplace management and health information conferences and it seems that this smart device will put an end to my worry.
All the tests so far of the University of Hertfordshire on E.Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus and Bacillus Subtillis, reveal that Germ Genie kills 99% of germs across most of the keyboard in just two minutes, and across the whole keyboard in ten minutes.

Pretty cool, and here’s how it works: The Genie senses finger movement on the computer keyboard, and after the user has finished it sanitises the keyboard with UV light.
It will even sanitise the keyboard many times each day, at exactly the times it is needed, namely after each user.

Clean keyboards are finally here!

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2 Responses to Clean keyboards are here!

  1. Very cool – especially for those who may have comprimised immune systems (like my wife who has MS and takes a drug that makes her more vulnerable to the bugs of which you speak…

  2. Uh… that word should be compromised. sorry!

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