New findings about Halley’s comet

According to American astronomers, it were the ancient Greeks that first spotted Halley’s comet in 466 BC.
Up till now, it was assumed that it were the ancient Chinese astronomers in 240 BC, who were the first to spot the comet when it passed by Earth in its 75-year orbit around the sun.

The astronomers of the University of Utah calculated the orbit of Halley’s comet as far back as 5 centuries BC and their calculations show that the comet was visible in Europe in the Summer of 466 BC.
This coincides with writings from the Greek astronomers Diamachus and Anaxagoras about a comet on the night sky which is spot on with the calculations from the American astronomers.

The last time the comet was seen as it passed by Earth was back in 1986.  I’ve still got the book that I bought on this event from the Antwerp Zoo where they had a nice exhibition about the comet.  It was full of wonderful and exotic formulas and it sure contributed to my passion for science.
The next chance to see the comet live is in 50 years time, in 2061.

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