Space Shuttle… the story continues on your C64

With the Space Shuttle Discovery in orbit, an era slowly but surely draws to a close.  The Discovery’s mission (bringing supplies to the ISS and sending the first humanoid robot – the Robonaut 2 – in space) is its 39th and it brings the total number of Space Shuttle flights to 133.
The craft is the oldest of its kind and – time flies! – was first launched back in 1984.  When it returns back home from its final flight, it will be moved to a museum.
There’s going to be at least one more Space Shuttle mission with the Endeavour, planned for April and perhaps, but it is still uncertain, one more with the Atlantis in June.
Nonetheless, a fantastic program, which started in the 80s, will close the book this year.

On your Commodore 64 however, you can continue to experience the thrill of the Space Shuttle program thanks to the 1984 Activision game “Space Shuttle: A Journey into Space”.  In this game, you are required to pilot the Space Shuttle from launch to landing dealing with many different missions along the way.  It featured nicely laid out and functional graphics for its time (it was one of the early C64 games).

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3 Responses to Space Shuttle… the story continues on your C64

  1. Robby "The C= guy"

    I got this link from my friens over at Old Gold Tech. Fantastic clip of someone filming the launch of the Discovery from a commercial flight… superb!

  2. I love the C64 and still play mine almost everyday!

    Some excellent games were released on there including all time classics which were groundbreaking, such as Bubble Bobble and Paperboy!

    Not a lot of people even realise the amount of software which was available for the C64. Almost 1000 titles!

    The C64 cemented its place as the best selling home computer!

  3. I enjoyed that game on my Atari 2600. The game used all buttons of the console but had only one mission – to find a satellite.

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