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Utilities for the 1581 drive

When Commodore released the 1581 drive onto the market, it marked the entrance of the Commodore64/128 computers into the realm of 3.5” floppy disks. The 1581 brought with it a whole bunch of improvements, like more disk space, a more robust storage medium (the old 5.2”floppies were more subject to problems like dirt on the […]

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Strange peripherals… JiffyDOS

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve occasionally mentioned JiffyDOS as an important component in really getting the full benefits of peripherals like the 1581 drive and the HD20 hard drive. It’s only fitting that in this week’s episode of “Stranger peripherals…”, I’ll elaborate a bit more on this great piece of hardware. JiffyDOS was […]


Stange peripherals… The 1581 diskdrive

Ok, it may not seem as exotic as the two previous peripherals discussed here (the Quick Data Drive and the Silicon Disk), but fact is, that the 1581 drive, did not have such a widespread use as the 1541 and the 1570/71 drives for the C64/128, making it a candidate for our weekly article in […]