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August 1982, the world gets to buy the C64

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August 1982, the world gets to buy the C64

January 1982 is a date that’s written in bold in computing history books as it was then that the C64 was first shown to the world at the Vegas CES. With all the buzz about this new awesome machine that Commodore was going to release, and this was just shortly after the success of the […]

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30 Years of Commodore 64

30 years ago, at the 1982 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Commodore launched the most ground-breaking computer of all time: The C64. One might think that the release of the C64 was something which was carefully planned by Commodore, but as is the case with most groundbreaking innovations, it would be the combination of […]

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The odd one out… the MAX Machine

Since my article on “Commodore’s Inner Space” – all about the interals of the C64 models – I have been opening up some more Commodore computers (so expect some more on this in the near future).  In this article already, the MAX Machine as it’s closely related to the C64. In 1982 Commodore introduced the MAX Machine […]