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Some time ago, I wrote about the use of amateur radio services, like the “CB” or “Citizen Band” as a means to transmit data over long distances without the cost of the long-distance call. But this sure wasn’t the only “exotic” means of data transfer as compared to the more traditional use of a modem. […]

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Crazy numbers on the C64

At college I used my trusty C64 to help me do the strangest mathematical calculations, like those in the article on artificial intelligence on the C64. It was at that point as well, that I started to notice something really strange on the C64: it couldn’t calculate properly! Well, that may be a bit harsh, […]

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The Commodore Basics

With the developer preview of Microsoft’s OS, Windows 8 available for download, I looked back at Commodore’s history of its prime OS: Basic. Did it get to “8” as well? Why was there Basic in the Commodore machines and was it any good? Let’s start with the last question. Yes, it was “good”, in the […]