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The Commodore Basics

With the developer preview of Microsoft’s OS, Windows 8 available for download, I looked back at Commodore’s history of its prime OS: Basic. Did it get to “8” as well? Why was there Basic in the Commodore machines and was it any good? Let’s start with the last question. Yes, it was “good”, in the […]

Commodore Legends: Michael Tomczyk – Part I

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Commodore Legends: Michael Tomczyk – Part I

Commodore was a legendary company with legendary employees. The company, built by Jack Tramiel had geniuses on the technological side like Chuck Peddle, Al Charpentier, … and featured bold pioneers on the side of management and marketing, like Michael Tomczyk, Kit Spencer, … In this series, I will be talking to some of these computing […]

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A rainy weekend, so let’s watch a movie

With the weather forecast being not too promising for the weekend, why not make yourself comfortable and stay in and watch a movie? As a “geek”, an excellent choice would be “Pirates of Silicon Valley”.  No, no Johnny Depp in this one, but an interesting movie depicting the early days of Microsoft and Apple and […]