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Commodore Legends: Bil Herd

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Commodore Legends: Bil Herd

It’s been a while now since the last interview in the Commodore Legends series, but today, I have a treat for all the Commodore fans out there: an interview with the man who brought us the Commodore C128: Bil Herd! Bil is still very active in the scene, posting videos and articles on his site […]

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A graphics booster for the C128

OK, here’s a question for you: In the 80s, what system was capable of resolutions up to 720×700? Was it is the Amiga, the Atari ST or the humble Commodore 128? The answer is, quite surprisingly, the C128. Well, to be correct, it was the C128 enhanced with the “Graphic Booster”, which was a small […]

Commodore Legends: Dave Haynie – Part I

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Commodore Legends: Dave Haynie – Part I

When we talk about the C128 and Amiga, one name pops up every time: that of Commodore whiz Dave Haynie. It is thus only fitting that after last month’s interview with Michael Tomczyk, giving us some great insights on marketing at Commodore and the success of the VIC 20 system, we now invite Dave to […]

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How the C128 was incompatible… with the C128

After my articles on the “inner space” of the C64 models and the MAX Machine, I thought it would be a good idea to take a closer look at the C128s and see how the 3 different models (C128, C128D and C128DCR) are similar, or rather quite different from each other.  Digging deeper into the […]