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30 Years of C64 competition!

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30 Years of C64 competition!

This month, 30 years ago, the Commodore 64 went on sale. To celebrate this landmark event in computing history, Commodore enthusiasts around the world are playing the old classics on their breadboxes, organizing special events at their club meetings and setting up special celebration facebook and Google+ pages. Here at mos6502.com, I’ll be running a […]

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Commodore’s “Inner Space” – Revolutions

It seems that 2 missing pieces of my collection have fallen into my lap within the time span of a couple of weeks.  First I was lucky enough to get a hold of the elusive Commodore 64GS (Games System), on which I featured the sequel to the article Commodore’s “Inner Space” – aptly called Commodore’s […]

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Finding hidden gems

Last Saturday, on my way to the beach with the family, I decided to stop in Ghent at “Flanders Expo”, where a big fair of all things retro and vintage was taking place.  It was organized by the “Kringwinkel” (those are shops that sell second hand stuff for really cheap prices) and this year the theme was […]

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Commodore’s “Inner Space”

No other computer has achieved the cult status the Commodore C64 has.  Its sales totaled 17 million units, making it the best-selling single personal computer model of all time, and it was the machine that got many of us interested and involved in the whole IT industry. Whereas most of us have used it to […]

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The radioactive Commodore

In 1984, September to be precise, the nuclear power plant in Hameln an der Weser (Germany), went into operation.  Concerns about the safety of the surrounding country-side, lead to a project being initiated, run by the Environmental Protection Agency, to start the independent measurement of the radiation, generated by the power plant in its surroundings. […]

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Strange peripherals… JiffyDOS

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve occasionally mentioned JiffyDOS as an important component in really getting the full benefits of peripherals like the 1581 drive and the HD20 hard drive. It’s only fitting that in this week’s episode of “Stranger peripherals…”, I’ll elaborate a bit more on this great piece of hardware. JiffyDOS was […]

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Know your motherboards!

As a collector of vintage computers, more precisely Commodores =), I frequently hunt for that one elusive machine or model on sites like eBay, marktplaats.nl, etc.  Finding them is one thing, verifying that they are actually that specific type or model you’re looking for is an entirely different ballgame. If you look into Commodore’s rich […]