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CHESSmate vs. Videopac C7010

Next to my passion for everything that is Commodore, I also collect all things Videopac. This was actually my very first computer (well, it’s a console really, as doing anything else than just selecting game options with the keyboard is pushing it… although it was marketed as more than just another console) and hence I’m very […]

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Chessmate vs. Kasparov

A few weeks ago, Yves Bolognini (owner and curator of the amazing “Musée Bolo” in Lausanne, Switzerland) acquired a Kasparov Conquistador chess computer.  When I read this, I contacted Yves on Twitter (@yvesbolo) and challenged him and his Conquistador to a game of chess against my trusty, 10 years older, Commodore Chessmate. So, this week, […]

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The chess grandmaster!

When I recently got my Commodore CHESSmate, I was curious to see how the CHESSmate, which in essence is nothing more than a modified KIM-1 with a 6504 CPU in which the whole chessprogram was stored in 4KB of ROM, would hold up against a modern day opponent. For this, I loaded up the chess […]

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To buy or not to buy…

As a collector of vintage Commodore material, eBay is a site that pops-up on my screen every day. In the past, I’ve been quite successful at finding that very rare or special Commodore item for sale and more importantly, been able to get it at a very low price (a steal as I like to call it). Recently, […]