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Happy 35th birthday, Commodore PET!

It’s sometimes hard to imagine that computers, tablets, smartphones etc. saw the first day of light only 35 years ago this week when the industry was “launched” at the West Coast Computer Faire (WCCF). The WCCF, was the idea of Jim Warren, a computer hobbyist who had been toying with the idea to setup a […]

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The Commodore Basics

With the developer preview of Microsoft’s OS, Windows 8 available for download, I looked back at Commodore’s history of its prime OS: Basic. Did it get to “8” as well? Why was there Basic in the Commodore machines and was it any good? Let’s start with the last question. Yes, it was “good”, in the […]

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Steve Jobs, the man that made Apple(s)

Steve Jobs, who suffered from failing health and had previously taken several medical leaves of absence, this week decided to step down as CEO of the Cupertino giant.  Next to Google taking over Motorola, it’s the biggest computing news this month. “I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no […]

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Chip archaeology: Visual 6502

If there’s one chip that shaped the computer industry more than the infamous Intel 4004, it’s the MOS 6502.  This 8-bit 1MHz CPU, designed by Chuck Peddle in the early 70s was the one that powered famous computer systems such as the Apple I and II, the Commodore PET and the Atari 2600 and the Nintendo Entertainment System […]