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Commodore Legends: Bil Herd

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Commodore Legends: Bil Herd

It’s been a while now since the last interview in the Commodore Legends series, but today, I have a treat for all the Commodore fans out there: an interview with the man who brought us the Commodore C128: Bil Herd! Bil is still very active in the scene, posting videos and articles on his site […]

30 Years of C64 competition!

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30 Years of C64 competition!

This month, 30 years ago, the Commodore 64 went on sale. To celebrate this landmark event in computing history, Commodore enthusiasts around the world are playing the old classics on their breadboxes, organizing special events at their club meetings and setting up special celebration facebook and Google+ pages. Here at mos6502.com, I’ll be running a […]

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To buy or not to buy…

As a collector of vintage Commodore material, eBay is a site that pops-up on my screen every day. In the past, I’ve been quite successful at finding that very rare or special Commodore item for sale and more importantly, been able to get it at a very low price (a steal as I like to call it). Recently, […]


The essential Commodore book

Back in the 80’s I was enjoying programming games and applications for my C64 in Basic.  Sure, it was nice to see those applications come to life, but they never really had those cool slick graphics I saw in all the great games that were out there.  How did those developers manage to code these […]

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Learning the trade from Commodore

With the iPad unleashed onto the world, and consumers in Europe more than happy to still pay a ridiculous amount of money for the iPhone (just compare it with the prices in the US), one starts to think what strategic genious Steve Jobs must be. Sure, he’s playing his cards right, but haven’t we seen […]

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Know your motherboards!

As a collector of vintage computers, more precisely Commodores =), I frequently hunt for that one elusive machine or model on sites like eBay, marktplaats.nl, etc.  Finding them is one thing, verifying that they are actually that specific type or model you’re looking for is an entirely different ballgame. If you look into Commodore’s rich […]

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I’ve got a Porsche… design

This week, my Commodore collection became a bit bigger!  I was lucky enough to find someone willing to part with his Commodore 8032-SK along with an 8250 LP dual disk drive.  The machine is in superb condition and fully working, which is a bit of a rarity considering it’s more than 30 years old. Now, […]