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Strange peripherals… the RAMLink

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Strange peripherals… the RAMLink

After last week’s “Stanger peripherals” article on the FD disk drive, I though it would be good to do a write-up of one of the most sought after collectables for the Commodore: the Creative Micro Designs (CMD) RAMLink. For anyone who was trying to get the most out of his trusty breadbox or C128, the […]

Strange peripherals… the FD-4000 drive

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Strange peripherals… the FD-4000 drive

When it came to peripherals, the C64 was the system that had the most. And when it came to companies making these peripherals, it was Creative Micro Designs (CMD) that made the most amazing ones. Just think about the HD20, the SuperCPU, … these are some of the most sought after peripherals on today’s Commodore […]

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Strange peripherals… JiffyDOS

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve occasionally mentioned JiffyDOS as an important component in really getting the full benefits of peripherals like the 1581 drive and the HD20 hard drive. It’s only fitting that in this week’s episode of “Stranger peripherals…”, I’ll elaborate a bit more on this great piece of hardware. JiffyDOS was […]

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Strange peripherals… the HD20 hard disk

The weekend is about to begin, so this means it’s time for another “Strange Peripherals…” episode!
After all the different types of disks such as a RAM disk, the infamous 1581 disk drive and the Quick Data Drive, it’s time to take a look at something we usually only associate with PCs: a hard drive.[…]