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Life after Facebook…

Have you ever tried to hit the “deactivate” button on your Facebook account?  Never really dared to push the button and see what happens? I have to admit, it does feel a bit like walking near the edge of a cliff… but pressing the button does not immediately deactivate your account – it brings you to […]

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How “happy” is your country? Facebook knows!

Forget the statistics provided by your country’s institutions on how we perceive the economy, see the future or think politics will change.  From now on, Facebook has all the answers. It’s nothing new, as Facebook for some time already had its “Gross National Happiness” application running in prototype-mode, but it has extended the list of […]

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Will Facebook own the web… and you?

Facebook recently announced a feature that will give it a reach way beyond the boundaries of its own social media emporium: a “like” button that will appear on sites on the internet. Basically, users will be able to like content, sites etc. that they visit and share this info immediately on their Facebook pages. This […]