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The best April fool!

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The best April fool!

The April fool’s joke that Google played on everyone today is perhaps one of the best, geekiest and most original I’ve seen in a long while. Basically, in a video (see the video on the right of this artice) that was put online yesterday, Google talks about putting Google maps on one of the classic retro consoles, […]

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Google buys Motorola!

Biggest news of the week, month, quarter or year… it could be anyone of these: Google has acquired Motorola for 12.5 billion dollar in cash (note: Google has about 35 billion dollar to spend)! In the world of technology, there’s never a dull moment, but this surely must have caused Steve Jobs to spill some […]

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Advertising on Google… playing with the big boys

A couple of weeks ago, I received a € 50 voucher for Google AdWords. I thought it would be a nice idea to spend this voucher and see if I can direct some more traffic to my blog (ego alert here).
A few weeks into the campaign (I only spend like € 4 per day of the voucher), I’m getting some more vistors by targetting some specific Commodore keywords like “Amiga”, “C64”, etc.

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Google doodles… solve the puzzle

The Google logo on their search engine has always been just that little more than just the corporate logo.  From time to time, especially on dates that have an importance in history, the Google logo, or doodle, will change into a more creative logo depicting something that has to do with that specific date in […]

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Browser wars… it’s getting funny =)

Ever since Microsoft got onto the browsermarket with its Internet Explorer 4 browsers (the ones before never really were a match for the likes of Netscape) and competition was the name of the game, we started referring to the battle for internet browser marketshare as the “Browser Wars”. A couple of years ago, it seemed […]

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Google enters the travel industry

When I read “Google” and “travel industry” in the same sentence, it catches my attention! Apparantly, Google is in talks with ITA Software and is considering buying the company for roughly $1 billion. Now why is this so special?  Well it is interesting in 2 ways. Firstly we can look at it as Google trying […]

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Printing in the clouds

A question that was on many people’s minds was how will you be able to print from a web-centric device such as an iPad? Apple’s latest iPhone OS 4.0, due for the iPhone this summer and for the iPad this fall, does not show any insights as far as I can see on the rumoured […]

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The “old” vs. the “new”

I recently came about this article on the FT, stating that European Telco’s were gearing up for a fight with the big “G” (that’s Google). Apparantly, the big Telco’s (such as Telefónica, S.A., France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom) are looking to get some sort of compensation from Google for the use of its bandwidth-consuming application […]