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Steve Jobs, the man that made Apple(s)

Steve Jobs, who suffered from failing health and had previously taken several medical leaves of absence, this week decided to step down as CEO of the Cupertino giant.  Next to Google taking over Motorola, it’s the biggest computing news this month. “I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no […]

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Learning the trade from Commodore

With the iPad unleashed onto the world, and consumers in Europe more than happy to still pay a ridiculous amount of money for the iPhone (just compare it with the prices in the US), one starts to think what strategic genious Steve Jobs must be. Sure, he’s playing his cards right, but haven’t we seen […]

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Augmented reality… and a cookie!

One of the coolest innovations of the moment, for me, is augmented reality.  Basically, instead of creating a virtual reality in which you can immerse yourself, augmented reality, as the term states, enhances the actual reality by bringing in items from the virtual realm.  With the use of smartphones for instance, augmented reality will be […]

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Printing in the clouds

A question that was on many people’s minds was how will you be able to print from a web-centric device such as an iPad? Apple’s latest iPhone OS 4.0, due for the iPhone this summer and for the iPad this fall, does not show any insights as far as I can see on the rumoured […]