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Commodore, it’s not just BASIC

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Commodore, it’s not just BASIC

My first contact with an IBM PC (clone) and structured programming was back in the 80s, when we got computer classes in high school. We got introduced to the world of MS DOS by means of a horrendous application that printed a question on screen and you then had 10-15 seconds to type in the […]

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Chip archaeology: Visual 6502

If there’s one chip that shaped the computer industry more than the infamous Intel 4004, it’s the MOS 6502.  This 8-bit 1MHz CPU, designed by Chuck Peddle in the early 70s was the one that powered famous computer systems such as the Apple I and II, the Commodore PET and the Atari 2600 and the Nintendo Entertainment System […]

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What every Commodore fan should know (and a lot more!)

We all love our good old Commodore 64, but how much do we know about this machine?  If you’re a frequent follower of my blog and my posts on the Twitter boards, then you know already quite a lot about this wonderful machine and even know some of the more strange and exotic aspects of […]