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Traces of history

When I’m at a garage sale or thrift store, next to looking for remnants of the 8-bit era, I tend to browse through the many books that are for sale there for a few cents. It’s not just for the books, but it’s also for the little references that people have left in the books […]

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The Commodore Basics

With the developer preview of Microsoft’s OS, Windows 8 available for download, I looked back at Commodore’s history of its prime OS: Basic. Did it get to “8” as well? Why was there Basic in the Commodore machines and was it any good? Let’s start with the last question. Yes, it was “good”, in the […]

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Google buys Motorola!

Biggest news of the week, month, quarter or year… it could be anyone of these: Google has acquired Motorola for 12.5 billion dollar in cash (note: Google has about 35 billion dollar to spend)! In the world of technology, there’s never a dull moment, but this surely must have caused Steve Jobs to spill some […]

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Happy Birthday Microsoft Windows!

It’s 1985… Ronald Reagan has become President of the United States…  Mikhail Gorbatsjov becomes leader of the Soviet Union… together, they will end the cold war… This is the backdrop for another duo that will enter history: the Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows. This week indeed, Microsoft Windows will celebrate its 25th birthday, as on […]

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Happy birthday Windows95!

Wow, 15 years already… time does indeed pass by faster than expected. I remember it well, my very first computer course I gave as an instructor at the VDAB Antwerp, where I was a lecturer on computer technology and application usage. My first class of students didn’t even all have a computer at home, but […]

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Microsoft reveals Xbox “Kinect”

Some time ago, Microsoft revealed it was working on a new peripheral for the Xbox, under the name “Project Natal”, that would introduce the next level of interactive gaming. As a head-on attack to the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft now has revealed the peripheral as the “Kinect” at the E3-show and it looks good.  It is a […]

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Browser wars… it’s getting funny =)

Ever since Microsoft got onto the browsermarket with its Internet Explorer 4 browsers (the ones before never really were a match for the likes of Netscape) and competition was the name of the game, we started referring to the battle for internet browser marketshare as the “Browser Wars”. A couple of years ago, it seemed […]