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3 Decades apart, the gameplay survives

Earlier this week, I took this picture of my two daughters. Whilst one was playing on her Nintendo 3DS, the other one had sneaked into my office and taken one of the classic Nintendo Game & Watch games, Mario Bros and then snuggled herself next to her sister on the couch. Seeing this, it got […]

The best April fool!

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The best April fool!

The April fool’s joke that Google played on everyone today is perhaps one of the best, geekiest and most original I’ve seen in a long while. Basically, in a video (see the video on the right of this artice) that was put online yesterday, Google talks about putting Google maps on one of the classic retro consoles, […]

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The Great Giana Sisters on Android

Who doesn’t remember “The Great Giana Sisters” on the classic C64? It was one of those classics that many people for many is the quintessential game for the breadbox, and boy, it sure was great. It was even so good that Nintendo took legal action against the distributor Rainbow Arts when it saw the game […]