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The microchip toy connection

Last month, Neil and Nic, the hosts of the excellent Old Gold Tech show talked about their childhood memories of the Big Trak toy (if you don’t know what that is, check out their site and vidcast immediately!). Watching this episode and especially hearing the bleeps and bops come out of the speaker of this […]

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To buy or not to buy…

As a collector of vintage Commodore material, eBay is a site that pops-up on my screen every day. In the past, I’ve been quite successful at finding that very rare or special Commodore item for sale and more importantly, been able to get it at a very low price (a steal as I like to call it). Recently, […]

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Commodore 64 vs. ZX Spectrum

Commodore 64 vs. ZX Spectrum: who’s the winner?  It seems the debate will never end, but why, we’re talking about 2 machines from the 80’s! Just do a search on the Internet for these two computers and you will find a huge fun base that still exists for these machines. The two “camps” will say […]