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Bringing the C64 online… part IV

Back in October, I was able to bring my Commodore SX-64 online by setting it up as a webserver and also as a webbrowser, surfing the web.  All this was done, by using the 2.4 build of the Contiki software, allowing older systems, like the Commodore, to interact on the world wide web. The only […]

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Bringing the C64 online… part I

I finally, finally found a Retro Replay cartridge with an RR-Net expansion board!  I’ll now be able to bring my trusty old C64 (it will be the SX-64 actually) online and see if I can send tweets from that good ol’ machine from the 80′s. Hang on there, you’re probably thinking:  “What’s all this RR-stuff?”  Well, in […]

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Strange peripherals… memory expansions

Part 4 already in the “Strange peripherals…” series and this week, I’ll be looking at the so-called RAM Expansion Units or REU’s for short. Originally, these units came out for the C128 in the following flavors: A 1700 unit sporting 128 KBytes of RAM and a 1750 with a whopping 512 KBytes. Later on, the […]