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More sprites by my little geeks


More sprites by my little geeks

Back in November, my kids had their first taste of computer programming when they designed their first sprites on the Commodore 64. With the weather being absolutely splendid this weekend, I decided to bring my SX-64 out on the terrace and play some games. I had just put in the 1st floppy when my kids […]

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Commodore’s “Inner Space”

No other computer has achieved the cult status the Commodore C64 has.  Its sales totaled 17 million units, making it the best-selling single personal computer model of all time, and it was the machine that got many of us interested and involved in the whole IT industry. Whereas most of us have used it to […]

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Bringing the C64 online… part III

About a month ago, I attempted to bring my Commodore SX-64 online.  The goal was to “tweet” from this vintage machine from the 80’s using the Breadbox64 application. As you could read from the report, things didn’t really run as smoothly as I wanted… First there were the transfer issues of getting the D64-images to […]

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Bringing the C64 online… part II

Friday evening 20h30, finally getting ready to hook my Commodore on the net and start sending “tweets” from that classic of the 80s. I connect the C64TPC to the serial port of a PC, connect it to the serial port of the SX-64, jam in the Retro Replay cartridge with the RR-Net card attached to […]