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Internet = easy money… for some

“Making money with the internet” It is every “internet savvy” businessman’s dream: running an e-commerce site, getting Google AdSense revenue etc. are just a few examples of how one can go about and realise this goal. But… it isn’t easy finding a great idea that will sell online or getting your site high enough in […]

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Time travels…

Already in my childhood, I was fascinated with the concept of time travel.  Reading tons of SciFi novels, and of course the fun and entertaining movie Back to the Future, did only make me want to know more. This was one of the reasons I decided to go and study nuclear physics.  Next to the […]

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Vintage computers “tweet” and “surf” too!

It seems nowadays you cannot be without a quad CPU, i7 or some other high-end system with the latest GPU to access the latest content on the web, play the coolest games or participate on the social web, whereas 20 years ago MHz processors and a whopping 20Mb drive were top of the range. Question […]

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And the winner is… Webby Awards!

There’s not arguing about it: online, internet, social media, … they’re all becoming more and more important to our everyday lives.  It’s no surprise that a recent survey amongst youngster showed that, if they had to decide between TV or internet, it would be the latter that would stay. No surprise then that the Webby […]


Press Play on Tape

Press Play on Tape… a sentence that is well known by everyone that once owned a Commodore 64 with the infamous cassette player, but do you know it’s also the name of a Danish rock band, exclusively playing tunes from the 80’s Commodore 64 on real instruments? They’ve played already some major venues (Danish Game Awards, the […]

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Smuggling images… the image fulgurator

The image fulgurator… sounds like a device from Star Trek, but it’s more down-to-earth… it’s a device created by Julius von Bismarck,  allowing him to physically manipulate photographs.  OK, doesn’t sound too exotic, but the cool part is that the device actually intervenes when a photo is being taken, by “smuggling” another image on the […]

A look into the future…

What will the future look like?  It’s a question that pops up from time to time and has analysts, futurist and other ‘ists’ guessing and thinking of what might be the next big evolution that will revolutionize the way we think, feel and interact.  Most of the time, when that future becomes reality, we see […]