Augmented reality… and a cookie!

One of the coolest innovations of the moment, for me, is augmented reality.  Basically, instead of creating a virtual reality in which you can immerse yourself, augmented reality, as the term states, enhances the actual reality by bringing in items from the virtual realm.  With the use of smartphones for instance, augmented reality will be the next big thing that we’ll start to use in our everyday lives.

Let’s say for instance you’re walking down a street and see an advert on a billboard.  You’re interested to learn more but don’t want to wait till your home to look it up on the internet.  Here comes augmented reality.  You start the app on your smartphone and by using the built-in camera you bring the advert on the billboard in the viewing screen.  By means of GPS-location, built-in RFID, etc. the augmented reality application will produce an overlay on the screen that provides all the additional info on the product you’re seeing. 

There are already several cool applications for the iPhone that bring you this experience already.  You can see them in action right here.
One application that will be fun at parties, is the augmented reality cookie.  Basically it’s an ordinary cookie, but it has bit of a twist when you look at it through your iPhone.

Dinner will never be the same again… =)

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