Browser wars… it’s getting funny =)

Ever since Microsoft got onto the browsermarket with its Internet Explorer 4 browsers (the ones before never really were a match for the likes of Netscape) and competition was the name of the game, we started referring to the battle for internet browser marketshare as the “Browser Wars”.

A couple of years ago, it seemed Microsoft had won the war with a marketshare well above 80% (and admittedly, IE7 and up were pretty good, although a large chunk of the marketshare can be attributed to the fact that Microsoft had its browser of course nicely embedded in its OS).
However, the competition was still out there and both Firefox and Opera did their best to undermine IE’s position as the dominant browser.  Over the past few years, we’ve seen Firefox gain in popularity and quite recently, Google got in the mix as well with the Chrome browser.

Now, it seems that next to the battle of the standards (the upcoming HTML5 and CSS3) speed will be key.  We’re spending more and more time online, and we sure don’t want to wait for a page to load (hey, we’ve got out mbit-lines in for a reason!).  So, rendering the page or rather the time it takes for a browser to render a page seems to become an important topic.

Looking at some of the samples and having a play with IE9 (Preview), rendering a page is a breeze, and so it seems to be on Chrome (at least, that’s what a recent test shows).  And here is where it gets funny.  Google, showing of the rendering capabilities of Chrome, compare in a series of experiments the speed of their browser with the speed of lightning, the speed of sound and the speed of a potato… that’s right a potato.  They fire a potato through a tube and show that their browser can render the page before the potato is turned into french fries.

This was a clear message for the people over at Opera to make fun of this (after all, who compares a browser to a potato?) and they’ve come up with their own experiment in which they test their latest browser’s speed with a potato.  Just take a look at the clips.


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