Gaming on the Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface is a very cool (but still quite expensive) interactive means of working with a computer.  Basically, the keyboard is a full-blown table, with a glass surface that you can touch and use to interact with numerous applications.  Cool applications allow you to display your pictures, enlarge them, organize them etc. as if you were browsing through an old fashioned photo-album.  Even TV-shows such as the news on one of Belgium’s commercial networks is using the Surface to display the next day’s newspaper frontpages.

So, how does the Surface shape up on the gaming front?  It has a lot of potential as it is an ideal means to bring tabletop games to the, well logically, the talbe, but in a pretty neat digital way.  It also allows for multiplayer (simultaneous) games that sure have the appeal to bring hours of fun.
It is for the latter, that the Surface, as a gaming device, could be ideal.  Just imagine the interactions, the adrenaline, the fun of being able to play multiplayer games with the social “etiquette” of actually being together with the other players, instead of being connected over the net and just interacting with an avatar.
The Surface has a lot going for it as a gaming platform, but the only drawback, as mentioned before, is the price as it will take some time before these appliances become affordable for the broader audience.

Nevertheless, it has the potential to be an important appliance, both for leisure and business.

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