Google buys Motorola!

Biggest news of the week, month, quarter or year… it could be anyone of these: Google has acquired Motorola for 12.5 billion dollar in cash (note: Google has about 35 billion dollar to spend)!
In the world of technology, there’s never a dull moment, but this surely must have caused Steve Jobs to spill some of his morning coffee, as now Google is going head to head with the Cupertino giant as it changes from being “merely” the operating system provider (i.e. Android), to a full competitor.

How will this shape the mobile landscape?  For sure, a tighter integration of Android with the hardware of the Motorola smartphones will provide an enhanced and richer experience, similar to the success Apple’s had with its iPhones, but how will the other Android licensees react?  What will this mean for Samsung for instance, which has probably the most popular and best smartphone with the Galaxy SII?
Google’s CEO Larry Paige is quick to state that Android will remain an open OS and that the move was partially forced upon them because of the recent moves by both Apple and Microsoft in what he calls ant-competitive patent attacks on Adroid.
Nevertheless, it sure will make a couple of CEOs frown…

And what with Microsoft?  Now that Google’s played its hand and decided to have control over the complete chain, from device to OS, where does this put Microsoft with its Windows 8 OS?  Could the Motorola acquisition push smartphone manufacturers rushing into the arms of the Redmond giant?
Is Microsoft  now eyeing companies like RIMM and Nokia and perhaps become the 3rdmajor player in this now unfolded smartphone battle.

Exciting times for sure!

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