How “happy” is your country? Facebook knows!

Forget the statistics provided by your country’s institutions on how we perceive the economy, see the future or think politics will change.  From now on, Facebook has all the answers.

It’s nothing new, as Facebook for some time already had its “Gross National Happiness” application running in prototype-mode, but it has extended the list of countries it monitors in this app so it’s becomming more and more interesting to see what results it produces.

The application basically analyzes words in status updates like “awesome” or “tragic” to track changes in the collective emotional state of its users and by exending the list of countries, it’s also checking non-English status updates.
Looking at the graphs, they clearly show that people are happier when a holiday (like Easter) is approaching, so it really shows the app is working and producing some worthwile results.
At the same time, it brings to mind the fact that really everything you post is in some way or another, revealing facts that you might not have considered at first.  Sure, how an individual, you, feels is “not so important” to the marketing boys and girts out there, but the combined information is becoming a force to consider (and as we all know, knowledge is power).

Have a play with the applications and see if you can match some local events to your country’s happiness status… and don’t worry, Mark Z. won’t sell it to the highest bidder… =)

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