Microsoft reveals Xbox “Kinect”

Some time ago, Microsoft revealed it was working on a new peripheral for the Xbox, under the name “Project Natal”, that would introduce the next level of interactive gaming.
As a head-on attack to the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft now has revealed the peripheral as the “Kinect” at the E3-show and it looks good.  It is a wireless controller, that is not really a controller, in the sense that you do not have any handheld aparatus (like the Wii) to interact with the games, but rather, you are the controller.
The Microsoft Kinect basically scans your movements and reflects these in the game you’re playing.  Imagine playing the next “Street Fighter” and actually do the moves yourself :)  This, combined with the graphics and processing capabilities of the Xbox will make it a huge contender for the ineractive Wii console, that is, by all means, the lesser when it comes to graphics power.
Pricing and actual release dates have not been disclosed.

It’s going to be an interesting Summer in console-land…

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