QR codes to help save the Gulf

You’ve probably come accross a QR code before (some airlines use it to provide you with an online boarding pass that you can use on your iPhone) and now QR codes could help to clean up the Gulf after the BP oil spewing disaster.

How?  Well, the activist group Women of the Storm is rallying public support around Gulf restoration with their celebrity-backed Be the One campaign to get signatures for their petition.  To further support this campaign, ScanLife, makers of mobile barcode scanning technology, have stepped in and they’re bringing QR codes to the rescue.

ScanLife has created a QR code that, when scanned, directs users to a mobile site where they can watch the Be the One video and sign the petition.
Furthermore, a giant version of the QR code was put on display in Time Square last week to help the efforts and you can also get the code on t-shirts, so people can scan “yourself” to go to the video.

It’s another example, of how technology can enter the mainstream and become part of everyday life.

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