What every Commodore fan should know (and a lot more!)

We all love our good old Commodore 64, but how much do we know about this machine?  If you’re a frequent follower of my blog and my posts on the Twitter boards, then you know already quite a lot about this wonderful machine and even know some of the more strange and exotic aspects of this best selling home computer :)

Chances are, you probably are a bit of an expert when it comes to the C64, as this little machine is the object of a lot of people’s hobbies, tinkering with robotics, demo’s and music and since you’re reading this post, I take it you’re into the whole retro scene as well :)

Now, if you have to explain the Commodore 64, its CPU, its main peripherals, its history and the advanced usage of interrupts etc. then I recommend you point your audience to this great presentation by Michael Steil, given at the Chaos Communication Congress (or C3) in 2008 in Berlin.  The presentation has it all: humour, facts, programming, tech-talk (lots) and a lot of retro love!  Oh, and we’ll throw in the odd bit of Assembly as well!

On a side-note, Michael is a great presenter and he did a splendid presentation last month at the 2010 C3 as well, this time all about reverse engineering the MOS 6502 CPU.

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